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The countryside that surrounds Montalcino is famous for its vineyards. There are also olive groves but the landscape is characterised by surprisingly vigorous woodlands. Amongst this cultivated and untamed nature one comes across old farmhouses; testimony and reminder of the agricultural work that has evolved here over hundreds of years and now gives the world its precious fruits.
uvaThis landscape is my passion: it affects all who see it and gives us hope for the future. I look at it, I draw it, sometimes I photograph it, I write about it in my blog and in my exchanges with friends and the people I love. I recommend it to my clients and acquaintances as a tonic for the spirit. This landscape and its wines are the source of inspiration for all my creations; the drawings for my calendar and the blog – www.cronachedallacampagna.com - where I highlight what strikes me (for good and for bad). From this landscape “I Colori del Brunello” emerged, in turn inspiring my designer friend, Annemarie Ciminaghi. A prize for journalists dedicated to non profit activities started here….